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If The 20th Century Was American Will The 21st Century Be Chinese?

At the beginning of the last century US Historian and Senator Albert J Beveridge said "The twentieth century will be American, American thought will dominate it.American progress will give it color and direction. American deeds will make it illustrious". If this was so will the 21st century be Chinese?

When nearly all Western economies went down in a screaming heap in thr GFC, Commuist China with its state-run regulated banking system, slave labour and pegged currency didn't bat an eyelid, in fact it has been calculated that now the US owes China $2905 per head of population. While the West wastes billions on windfarms and other futile projects to generate "alternative power" due to the global warming hoax China builds three new nuclear power stations a year and still can't get enough of our coal to fire its fossil fuel power stations. China already has 97 per cent of the world's rare earth elements, vital for modern electronic components, and buys the mining rights to them in other countries who have them. They buy the arable land in other countries so they can guarantee their own food supply, while the natives of those countries starve. Millionaire Chinese buy whole streets of houses in Australia for investment, and mansions in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs to live in that most Australians could never afford. The CCP has set up so-called Confucius Institutes in overseas universities, to promote the aims of the CCP. While America fritters away billions of dollars on the pointless wars that it sends its sons to die in, the two million strong Chinese army hasn't seen a shot fired in anger in 30 years (except in Tibet or in the Tiananmen Square massacre) and Beijing simply does deals with any corrupt dictator who can sell them the resources they want. Every manufactured product you buy comes from the factories of China while we de-industrialise our own country and call China a developing nation. The Chinese Communist jackboot came down on Tibet, thanks to the cave-in by the West with its gibberish about Tibet being part of China, so now as Tibet is the source all the major rivers of Asia, China controls all mainland Asia's water. Yet the Chinese Empire expands, not by military force, but because they have the money to buy anything and anybody, However, it will only be a matter of time before Beijing with its two million strong standing army, weapons of mass destruction and a gargantuan navy, uses its military might to perform necessary "regime change" in countries where its interests are threatened just as the United States did in Panama, Granada, Iraq and Afghanistan, and no-one will stand in their way.

China has leapt to economic super-power status because the west is infected with the mass-hallucination that free trade and de-regulation are good, yet China doesn't practice either free trade or de-regulation. Every commercial enterprise in China is an arm of the Chinese Communist Party, the currency is pegged to suit Beijing's interests and no overseas entity can run a business in China except as a joint venture.

What sort of a world will it be dominated by China? While the Americans, in some sort of a way, stood for democracy and freedom of the individual, the Chinese Communist Party stands for the total subjection of the individual to the State and the debasement of human beings to the status of a commodity to such an extent that political dissidents there are killed and "recycled" by cutting them up and selling their organs for transplant and women who violate the one child policy are dragged to clinics and forced to have late term abortions.

Australian politicians and the Australian media should therefore stop grovelling to the Beijing regime and live up to the liberal and humanitarian ideals they give lip service to by blocking, instead of assisting, the path of the Chinese Communist Party to the position of Superpower of the 21st Century.

Statement released by Bob Vinnicombe, China Information Website, January 3rd, 2011
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