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Protests Outside Australian Parliament On Day of Signing Free Trade Agrement

While Communist Chinese flags festooned the entrance to Australia's Parliament House today, thereby insulting for a start the memory of all Australians who have died fighting communism, not to mention refugees who have come here from Asia and Eastern Europe to escape communism, four groups turned up impressive numbers to protest on the parkland outside Parliament House, against the presence of Chinese Communist dictator Xi Jinping in Australia and the signing of the disastrous "free trade" agreement with the Chinese Communist Party.

First and most numerous were the falun gong practitioners and their supporters.

Second were members of the Tibetan community, many wearing their colourful national dress, who have been lucky enough to escape the hell-hole their country has become since it was overrun by the Chinese Communists in 1949 who have proceeded to carry out cultural and actual genocide against Tibetans.

(Most of the great rivers of Asia emanate from the snow-capped mountains of Tibet, so whoever controls Tibet, which is also rich in mineral resources, controls Asia).

Also in attendance were anti-communist Vietnamese, many being veterans of the ARVN Army of the Republic of Vietnam, (South Vietnam) which fought the Communists in the war and who were protesting against the communism that has enslaved their country and also the aggressive territorial ambitions of the Chinese Communist regime in SE Asia.

Last but not least were the Uyghurs of East Turkestan, a region also occupied by China for its resources who also are experiencing cultural genocide . 40% of their country and 80 % of their capital city now is ethnically Chinese, and to have any sort of financial future in their land now they have to learn the Chinese language.

A claque of pro-communist Chinese lackeys, no doubt organized by the Chinese embassy, was also in attendance, with red and yellow Chinese communist flags, attempting to drown out by screaming and banging drums the protest speeches of the Falun Gong supporters and Tibetans.

One lone MP, former DLP, now independent, Senator, John Madigan from Victoria was prepared to come out and address the protesters and gave strong support to the falun gong people, condemning in no uncertain terms their persecution , the genocide and the organ harvesting, and he also questioned the advisability of a free trade agreement with a regime that has such a record of treachery and lies.

Colourful WA Labor Senator Jim Bullock was not in attendance but did also send a strong statement of support that was read out.

A statement of support from Tasmanian independant MHR Andrew Wilkie was also read out. It had been issued for a previous rally in July but as Falun Gong spokesman John Deller indicated it would no doubt still apply now.

Greene federal leader Christine Milne sent a general message of support for the human rights struggle in China.

Labor Senator from WA Alannah MacTiernan addressed the gathering giving a wishy-washy feel-good assurance that she believed the present Chinese regime was working to improve human rights.

The Liberals and Nationals appeared to boycott the rally completely.

I arrived about 9.45am and the demonstration was well under way already, mostly at that stage made up of falun gong activists, local and also from Sydney and Melbourne. Protests had begin yesterday (Sunday) at all points in Canberra where the Chinese Communist delegation could be expected to appear, including outside their hotel. At each place Falun Gong supporters appeared they encountered pro-Communist demonstrators aggressively shouldering them out of the way, and putting communist flags and banners in front of theirs, with sadly no interference by the Canberra police.

Falun Gong supporters, Tibetans, Vietnamese and Uyghurs all co-operated, taking turns to make their speeches and send their chants over the PA system.

Speakers did not only concentrate on the criminality of the Chinese Communist regime but pointed out the threat to Australian jobs and agriculture, the poisonous nature of many imported Chinese foodstuffs and the fact that much of the cheap manufactured products coming in will be made by slave labour in prison camps.

Photo gallery:

Falun Gong practitioners in their yellow tops behind their banners.
The blue flags are the Uighurs

Falun Gong protesters flanked by Tibetans and
anti-communist Vietnamese

The scene across the lawn looking towards old Parliament House

Tibetans in their colourful national dress

Independent (former DLP) Senator John Madigan
speaks to the gathering

Will the message on this placard be the fate of Australia?

Alannah MacTiernan ALP (WA) speaking

Short & to the point a Uighur banner
"China Stop the Genocide"

Pro-communist demonstrators with the red flags
are on the far left (where else?)

Bob Vinnicombe supporting the Tibetans